Tubular Bind Off with extra stitches

Hi, there. Currently working a cardigan pattern in a 1 by 1 rib, easy enough. However, there are extra stitches at the beginning and end that are complicating things!

On the RS row, I slip the first stitch knitwise, then begin working K1 P1 and end the row with 2 knit stitches. On the reverse, I do the same but slip the first stitch purlwise, then purl and then K1 P1 until I reach the end where I additionally purl the last stitch.

My pattern suggests to do the two prep rows, bind off the first stitch and then begin the tubular bind off. A little confused as to how I bind off just one stitch before doing a tubular bind off.

If I bind off the one stitch, that leaves me with an uneven amount of stitches. I am also confused as the last two stitches of the RS row are both knit stitches.

Any advice? Am I thinking too much about this and should I just do the tubular bind off til the end, despite the last two stitches being knits? Any help greatly appreciated!

Perhaps during the 1st set up row, I should work the K1 P1 accordingly and at the end I will also slip the last stitch purlwise (though it’s also a knit).

Still confused as to how to bind off a single stitch though before jumping into the tubular bind off.

Well, generally I suggest trusting the pattern. But I know bind offs are a pain in the butt to takeout if it’s wrong… What is the name of the pattern? Do you have a link?

Is the first stitch going to be part of a seam? If so, you could just put the yarn through it knit or purlwise and drop it off the needle, then begin the bind off with the next k1.
If the stitch is the cardigan edge, you might test this out on a swatch to see which looks better, slipping off knitwise or purlwise.

Treat the last stich as if it were a purl and just continue the bind off.

It’s an interesting question which I haven’t come across. I usually do this kind of tubular bind off which doesn’t use set up rows.

(It also doesn’t help with your question.) I know that I have to go to a quiet place with no distractions and concentrate on each step. It’s very painful to rip out as Jan said and difficult to start over mid-bind off.