Tube socks

I am new to the site so not sure if I am posting this right. I tried it yesterday but don’t think it worked. Anyhow, has anyone ever made socks using good sock yarn, but doing them in a tube sock style.


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I haven’t made any, but I don’t see why it wouldn’t work. Here’s some links to threads where this was discussed recently. Maybe they can help.

And here are some patterns for tube socks made from sock yarn.
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I’ve made tube socks, I can’t bear the thought of all that heel turning stuff. I have given them as gifts as “bed socks” and have worn them myself as slipper socks. I have usually made them with heavier weight yarn bur see no reason you couldn’t make them with sock yarn.

sure–there are some details about tube socks that should be considered.

1–the toe… if you make a flat/french toe the tube socks have two sides
if you make a round toe, the socks can be worn anyway.

2–tube socks tend to twist. (the un even stretching --more over heel than instep is to blame)
though it sounds wrong, patterns (stitch patterns) some bias work better. (oblique rib, or any // slanting stitch patterns ) is a better choice than plain stocking knit.

3 Longer is better.

I have a pattern for tube socks on my blog (Jan 1st '08 posting)–its also available on Raverly (2 sample i have knit are posted, one in forest green, one in Paton’s stretch sock yarn (pink)

Heels aren’t that hard… (and there are so many choices!) but tube socks have there place, too!