Tube Scarf Knitted in a Diagonal Stripe?

I want to knit a tube scarf using eyelash yarn. I want to do a diagonal stripe (each stripe about 4-5 rows wide).

So far I have figured out that it’ll take about 52 stitches using size 15 circular needles. My problem comes when I try to do the stripes.

Does anyone have a pattern or can you tell me how to get the stripes without bringing the yarn across?

I know this is confusing and I can take a picture of a scarf I already own if that would be helpful.

Thank you VERY much!

The confusion has to do with knitting in the round and doing and intarsia-type stripe, right? I’m not positive about this, but couldn’t you do the stripe continuously, like a barber shop pole, or a candy cane? If the stripe is only one or a few sts across, you would have very small or no floats. Otherwise you would have to cut the yarn.

If this isn’t what you were getting at, post a picture of the scarf you want to copy.

Hope that helps!

think outside the box!

start with just a few stitches, increase at the beginning and end of your round (two consecutive increaes) every other round until the width you want, Changing yarn colour every five rounds or so. When the width you want is obtained, then just keep going around, changing yarn for the stripes until you have the length you want (minus the amount it took you to get up to width) - then decrease on either side of the CENTER of your round every other round until back to the original number you cast on; cast off.

Amberle…You’re right on track with your “barber shop/candy cane” description! MMario…I would like to avoid cutting/knotting at the color changing points. I’m going to try your suggestion and hope that it works!

If that fails, I’ll take a picture and post it so that it will better show what I’m trying so badly to describe!

Thank you both so much for your help…I DO think we’re closer than before!!!


With my suggested construction and relatively narrow stripes you should be able to carry the yarn up the (in)side with no problem