Trying to spin

I just got my first spindle. It is a top whorl. Before I got the spindle I watched videos on YouTube and read a spinning book. It didn’t seem that complicated. But I am having trouble :pout: I understand that this is something new and new things take time to get the hang of. Are there any tips and tricks to make things go a little more smoothly?

Is there something in particular that is giving you trouble?
Like for me, I had to go back and see how to wind the yarn that I just put twist in ONTO the spindle. I watched Abby Franquemont’s video again and it was a smack-the-forehead moment. OH! That’s what she’s doing.

I can’t seem to get the roving to move down to the spindle fast enough, and there is so much twist in what I am able to get makes it curl back on itself, if you know what I mean.

What method of spindling are you starting with?? Predrafting the roving and using the park and draft method was how I learned.

Abby Franquemont’s utube video for spindling basics is the best I’ve seen

I second the predrafting and then then the park and draft. Predrafting the fiber means to stretch out the fiber so that it’s thinner and you have smaller pieces of roving to deal with. I split mine lengthwise too.

The park and draft is when you spin the spindle, then “park” it by holding it between your knees and let the twist go up into more fiber. If you are getting too much twist, you have to let that tension creep up your fiber some so it’s not so tightly twisted.

I hope this helps. It can be frustrating at first, but then it’s so rewarding. A few minutes each day of practice-don’t do hours at a time. :wink:

Thanks all, I am going now to check out Abby Franquemont’s video.

Did you find the video okay? If not, I’ll provide a url.

Just remember, the first month of spinning is pure hell. If you keep it up, a little every night, it gets easier and more understandable.

Also remember, there is no one right way to spin/spindle. If you make yarn that you (or someone else) likes, then your spinning is successful!!

Be sure to check back in and show us your results. PLEASE!!! Even if you don’t think them ‘worthy’, I’ll tell you as a spinner of over 10 years, I wish I coule easily recreate my first handspun yarns. They are so special.

Please make (knit/crochet/weave/tat) something from your first hand spun that you will keep with you forever, like a small bag to hand on your wheel to hold your oil and oriface hook and other small oddities.

:cheering: Here is a picture of my first yarn! I think I have enough to make a little bag. This is great!! I’ve been predrafing and using the park / draft method and am feeling more confident each time I practice. I’m going to look around later today and maybe order some more roving - I’m just about out of what came with my spindle. I saw some nice stuff at Paradise Fibers. Is this a good place to order? Thanks to all who have offered help on my new endeavor!

That looks far better than my first efforts, well done!

Very Nice!! Yep Paradise is a good place. You could also try they have wonderful stuff for a VERY reasonable price.

It is beautiful!!

I second getting fiber from Carol Lee at the Sheep Shed. I just got in 10# of her dyed fiber - absolutely beautiful!!

ooh, looks great KnitClickChick! So smooshy! See? Now you’re hooked. Happy shopping and Happy spinning!

that is a fanstastic first skein! love the color too