Trying to master the cable stitch lol

I got bored of knitting squares so I am making a bag for myself and I just learnt how to cable! I think i made an error somewhere but its ok the bag is for me so I dont care. but what y’all think?

Excellent! Cables are way easier than they look. :thumbsup:

Terrific! It looks really good. :thumbsup:

Good for you, branching out on your knitting skills!

BTW, I’ve learned from experience that cables are “crossed” once per six rows, not more or they become too scrunched.

So like Rows 1, 2, 3, 4 are plain rows…Row 5 (RS facing) is cabling…Row 6 is plain knitting. Repeat Rows 1-6.


Does it really look OK? Really?

It does look okay! It looks like you crossed your cables differently, but that is often done to make them opposite. Now will come the practice of working each one the same way you did the first time.

As Artlady pointed out cables are usually crossed only 6 rows or so. However, I’ve seen them crossed every row or couple rows as well for a tighter looking twist. See which one you like best for your project. :thumbsup:

I want to try my hand at knitting cables. :slight_smile:

It looks so complicated and impressive, but it’s deceptively easy! It takes some practice, but you can do it. :thumbsup:

Thanks! I bought a couple of cabling needles awhile back. :slight_smile:

Do try it out because of the reasons Jan gave. You’ll find a cable needle that you prefer so it’s good to try different ones especially to begin or you may prefer not to use a cable needle at all! That doesn’t work for me so I stick with a J-shaped cable needle.

I tried it with a dpn at first but it just slipped off the needle so i saw a knit mag with freebie cable needles so i thought why not?

At first, I used dpn’s too but then I discovered cable needles shaped like the letter “U”!! They’re the BEST (for me anyway) since I don’t have to worry about the needle slipping out of the stitches.


Totes annoyed…just seen a nicer bag in a magazine!! But this pattern uses hunky yarn and I was using Aran for the bag i was making
…oh what to do?

What to do? Start the other one too. Nowhere is it written: Thou shalt not start a new bag until the first one is finished.

No…but I cant have TWO project bags…can I?

Of course you can. What if you have two projects? They each need a bag!:slight_smile:

Not until you get them made. Then you can start the third and fourth and fifth and… :woot:

Oh boy… You sure can and should if you’re anything like the rest of us knitters! Many of us have multiple projects in progress. It’s a knitter’s disease. :teehee:

Right now I have 4 projects going in knitting and in crochet I have 2 projects going there lol so more than one project bag is necessary.

LOL Shut up lol! (i don’t mean that) OK so I’ll just make it anyway…after i finish this bag…or this blanket… i’ve had to take a break from knitting again…finger issues…and no i’m not knitting tightly - I don’t think…see now i’ve become this person with lots of WIPs