Trying to learn continental knitting

Hi there,

I started teaching myself to knit using the English method but now I want tolearn the continental knitting method and have trouble getting a firm grip on holding the yarn. My fingers seem to keep loosing up the yarn which make it hard for me to learn how to purl the continental knitting way. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

I remember having this problem when I switched to continental too–I don’t have any great ideas to help except trying to wrap the yarn around your fingers of your left hand more. I weave it over then under my pinky and then over my pointer finger, but there are lots of ways you can do it. It may just take some practice! I know I felt like I was going to drop everything when I first started, but you gain alot more control as you go.

BTW, I love continental now! So much faster for me.

Hi there.

I also just recently picked up continental knitting. I find that (for myself), I like to hold the yarn in place using my left hand. Keeping it still. When I insert the needle into the stitch, I use the needle and wrap it around the yarn.

Usually (English knitting), I will wrap the yarn around the needle. But I tried that at first with continental knitting, and I just couldn’t get anything to stay in place.

I hope this helps.