Trying to get past my first sock

I have been trying for awhile now to get past the first sock!!!
I get to the Heel Flap and the patterns says to put 20 stitches on one needle
Which is fine I got that part. The part is this:

Row 1: Sl 1, Purl across

Row 2:Sl 1, K1 across

Repeat these two rows for a total of 20 rows.
Turn Heel- 12 sts. remaining

my problem with this is I slip the stitch and did what the rows said. But I have still twenty stitches on my needle and the pattern says I should have 12 remaing.
At this point I am very tired of frogging but I know I am going to have to so that I can finally finnish a sock. Oh please someone help on this.

You’re doing it right, you just haven’t turned the heel yet. AFTER the heel is turned, you’ll have 12 stitches remaining.

Does your pattern have the directions for turning the heel?

Okay, it looks to me like they didn’t give you the instuctions on how to turn the heel. That would definitely help! Check out the link below. That’s the basic pattern that I used on my first socks.

I’m not sure if this helped or not. What pattern are you using?

Thank you both for the fast response.

It does give the heel turning I didn’t understand until both of you mentioned the turning of the heel.
Sometimes I just read to much into the patterns.
It does give it what it says is TURN HEEL - 12 STS. REMAINING
I didn’t go any further reading thinking I was to have 12 stitches on my needle.
So I am a very happy camper ready to sit and finish that darn sock.