Truvia sweetener

I usually don’t come here to recommend products, but I wanted to mention this sweetener.

I have a total intolerance to the taste of any kind of artificial sweetener–saccarin, aspertame, slenda, whatever. They leave a taste in my mouth for what seems like hours.

I don’t think I use a lot of sugar–mostly in coffee and tea–but I decided to try the Truvia since I had a coupon.

Oh, my. It actually just tastes like sugar. No nasty taste!!

So if you have the same problem–give it a shot.

I use it too and love it. I think it tastes better than any sweetener or even real sugar. Granted, I don’t really mind artificial sweeteners, but I made the switch because Truvia is a natural sweetener and I was concerned with all the Splenda/Equal I was using. I use artificial sweetener in my coffee, and I like my coffee sweet… so Truvia is a great choice for me. It’s definitely more expensive, but really worth it IMHO!!

I use stevia, sounds like Truvia is too, just someone’s brand name. If you get it in bulk, stevia isn’t as expensive, about $2 per ounce and an ounce lasts a long time.

I think it is the same thing. I’ll have to look for it in bulk–thanks!

My doctor suggested that we try stevia and I did and we love it! I make most of our yogurt and I substitute the stevia with fiber and it makes the yogurt so nice and thick and silky. I love it too!

It’s not the same thing. Truvia is made from only the rebiana from the stevia leaf, which keeps it from having the typical bitter flavor that stevia has. I’ve tried both, and Truvia tastes completely different imho. I can’t use stevia… it’s the one sweetener that I don’t like at all.

Good to know, Kristin. I’ll have to try both, I guess.

I am just happy to see something natural and non-toxic make it into the grocery store. I sold and recommended stevia for more than a decade while working the healthfood stores. but there were a number of complaints that it becomes bitter (especially when people forgot and used way too much, instead of just the tiny little bit they were supposed to! LOL) I’m glad to see the positive feedback. Now, I won’t hesitate to recomend the new brand.

Now, if we could only get the toxic stuff OFF the market…

I thought that stevia and truvia were the same thing,too. I tried stevia years ago and it upset my stomach, as does Splenda. Now I just use turbinado sugar in my coffee. I would be open to trying the truvia, though.

I just found an article on Truvia - Because it’s a derivative of stevia, it may not have the same effect as the whole plant. And it’s brought to you by soda pop manufacturers…

I just loathe the FDA.