Truly Confused this time

Can anyone explain this. Used large safety pen for holder and…

FRONT: Work same as back until 26 (28, 30, 30, 32) sts rem, end P row.
Next Row: Sl 1, K1, psso, K7, turn and put rem sts on a holder – 8 sts. P 1 row. Dec 1 st each end of every K row until 2 sts rem. Next Row: P2. Next Row: K2tog – 1 st. Fasten off.

You can use a stitch holder or scrap yarn or other needle to hold your stitches, or just leave them on the end of your needle and ignore them while you work over the 8 sts to make the front points. Then you dec the 8 sts by 1 every other row until you have 2 sts left, then dec them to 1 st and pull the yarn through that last stitch to fasten off.

Thank-you but in English please:muah: I have 8 stitches on one needle. Eight (in the middle with a safety pin, and 8 on the other needle. Now how do I go about what you just said.:happydance:

Everything except the 8 stitches are on the holder, you are just working with the 8 stitches. Slip 1, kn 1 psso K7 = 8 stitches. Put all the rest on a holder or spare needle or whatever and just concentrate on the 8. Purl 1 row of the 8 st, then you are decreasing them down to a point.
Then you go back to the ones on the holder and follow the instructions til you have 8 st left and do the same as you did on the other 8. Have a look at the picture and you will see what part you are doing.
Good luck!

Hey, nice jumper by the way! I have printed it off for future use.

Thank-you, sorry to be such a dunder head.