True Afterthought Heel


Hi, I just finished knitting a tube sock and just can not figure out how to measure my shoe size 9 foot for the placement of the true afterthought heel. I have tried to watch videos on how to measure and just cannot get it. I do understand how to pick up the stitches and cut the yarn for and knit the afterthought heel. Any help that you can give me will be a great help.



Personally I would use a bit of math. As you already know how to knit the heel itself, just do a calculations of how many rounds the heel needs. From the rest of the sock you can calculate the gauge so you will know how much length the heel itself adds. Then make sure that from the toes until the spot you cut the yarn plus the length of the heel itself is equal to the length of the foot.


Thank you engblom for the help. I did the calculations and will be working on the afterthought heel soon.


We all like pictures, so please make a picture when you have done your socks! :grinning: