trouble with Twisted Chain Slip Selvedge from Redford pattern

I’m gearing up to start the beautiful men’s sweater Redford pattern from Brooklyn Tweed.

I’ve never done selvedge edging before, and I’ve watched about 10 videos online - seems like there are many, many different variations on creating a selvedge edge.

After practicing the one my pattern instructs on a “practice” swatch, I can’t seem to get something that creates a nice, smooth, attractive edge like the other selvedge edge patterns I’ve seen in videos.

Since this sweater is pieced together and the seams are exposed / expressed on the right side to provide some really lovely detail, I want the selvedge edges to look good. :frowning: Has anyone made this particular pattern or this particular selvedge? Mine looks sloppy and gappy no matter how much I try to control the tension.

Pattern instructions are as follows (working on stockinette):

{TCSS} Twisted Chain Stitch Selvedge (worked on first and last stitches of row)

RS: With yarn in front, slip 1 stitch as if to purl through the back loop,
work as instructed by pattern to last stitch, purl last stitch.

WS: With yarn in back, slip 1 stitch as if to knit, work as instructed by
pattern to last stitch, knit last stitch.

Any tips or advice greatly appreciated!

Welcome to KH!
There are many different ways of working a selvedge stitch edge. Some edges are twisted, some are open. since your pattern is specific about the way to work these, go with your pattern. If you’re sure you’re slipping knitwise and purlwise correctly, then I’d recommend practice on a swatch as you have been doing. Even 5sts is enough to use for practice. The edge stitch is going to be longer than the usual sts because it covers 2 rows but it should be neat and not show gaps.

Very good looking sweater. I haven’t made it yet but it’s a favorite.

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Thank you! I did a practice swatch using heavier weight yarn and it’s working out much better. Hoping this will translate back to the Brooklyn Tweed LOFT yarn, which is pretty fine!

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