Trouble with socks

Okay, so i have completed my first set of socks. I am an experienced knitter - knitting for 56 years since i was 8.

i loved making them and so now i am making another pair. the first ones i made I followed the instructions from a youtube video by verypink knits. i found it to be an excellent sock instruction. she recommended using a worsted weight yarn for the first pair of socks which turned out to be easy, beautiful and the video was very helpful.

Anyhow, i am now knitting my third pair of socks with a sock yarn. but with this pair of socks i have noticed two undesirable things.

  1. there seems to be holes in the area on the side of the ankles. there are no dropped stitches so i am confused as to why there are such big gaps. I do not knit loosely (or tightly).

  2. i also seem to have weird holes and strange stitches at the point where the knitting changes to the next needle. i have ripped back the stitches where this has occurred and on some occassions it looks like i knitted counterclockwise totally changing the direction of my knitting but i can’t even imagine how this could be true. I have been extraordinarily careful to be careful (!) and have placed a marker on the outside of the sock so i didn’t somehow accidently make some unknown error. other times it looks like i dropped a stitch but i didn’t without any indication of a misstitch.

any suggestions would be greatly appreciated as i am spending more time ripping out rounds instead of having fun knitting. i’m also freaking out a bit trying to figure out what exactly i am doing wrong.


As an experienced knitter I think you’re probably aware of the ladder effect when changing needles and ways to cope with that. What method of circular knitting are you using? DPN, magic loop, 2 circs? I’ve been having problems with maybe-dropped stitches and and weird looking stitches too. I think my yarn is partly at fault, it snags on itself and sometimes has a tendency to split resulting in weirdness. I don’t have it handy to check for sure but I think it’s a Knit Picks yarn.

Hi GG… glad to meet you!

Well I have been using DPN’s. I would much rather use circular needles but haven’t seen any patterns that use anything but DPN’s. I have used the magic loop once before. Anyhow I definitely have noticed the ladder effect but have absolutely no idea how to cope with that.

But there is something else at play here that I am just totally stumped about.

I am going to take the ostrich approach and stick my head in the sand and ignore the reason why and just try to fix the problem as it might appear.

Thanks for taking the time to help me!:hug: :hug:

If you do your socks toe up, you might like this pattern. The Lifestyle socks will teach you how to skip the pattern entirely. That’s what I started with. Silver’s cuff down socks are written for dpn but because the heel is worked on needle 1 it could easily be adapted to magic loop by dividing needle 2’s stitches in half.

Laddering. Try keeping the needle you just finished and the one you’re just starting as close together as possible. Snug up the first, second, and third stitches.

Cuff down magic loop sock videos

Depending on the method you use to make the heel and gusset, you may find holes at the ankle area. If it is the gusset, you could try picking up an extra stitch to close the hole and then knitting stitches together to eliminate the extra stitch.

and here at the bottom of the page
Sometimes working with 5 dpns (stitches on 4 needles and one working needle) helps with laddering where the needles meet. There’s a bit less tension on the joins that way.

Is it possible that the holes you mention in #1 are either how you are doing your short rows or picking up stitches. I do magic loop 2 at a time socks and avoid heels that require picking up stitches b/c for me those gussets were always a disaster.

I am working on a pair of socks right now toe up on a circular needle. Using the Fleegel heel, you increase the the number of stitches until you have 2 less than the total number of stitches you are using for the socks.For example I am using 58 stitches for my total number of stitches, I increase to 56 for the heel. When I reach 56 stitches on the heel side , I place a replaceable marker at the center and start turning the heel. I knit to 2 stitches past the marker, knit 2 together knit 1, turn slip 1 stitch to right needle, purl back to 2 stitches past marker, purl 2 together, purl 1. Slip the first stitch and knit to the gap past the marker, knit 2 together, knit 1 turn and repeat until you have 1 gap left un-knitted on each side. Then knit across to the gap, knit to the gap, close it by knit2 together knit 1 and finish the round by going to the front needle and complete the round. At the beginning of the next round , knit 1 knit 2 together and finish the round You will end up with 2 extra stitches on heel side and just knit 2 together , one on each side to eliminate the extra stitches and finish the round. You will now start knitting the leg portion by knitting for at least 1 1/2 inch past heel before starting ribbing.