Trouble with roll neck collar


Hello fellow knitters. I am knitting a childs cardigan (Pattern 16 from Patons White Mischief book no. 1050. I have knitted both the left front band/collar and also the right front band/collar, but they look really weird and I don’t think they are right. I casted off the 54 sts and ribbed to end, then casted off 6 at beg of alt rows 4 times. Then it says work 1 row and then cast off again. Does this mean the second lot of casting off is on the other side?? I have two bands and they look ridiculous and have no idea how to sew them to the garment. I’m an experienced knitter but this roll collar is doing my head in. Can anyone help with this pattern. MANY THANKS.


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Yes, all the cast off should be on the same edge of the collar.
Each side should have a long thin band which will attach along the front of the cardigan. One piece will have the buttonholes. Then there will be a bulge which will form the top of the shawl collar at the neck and connect the two pieces (right and left) at the back of the neck.
Can you post a photo of the collar you have now? Use the little landscape icon in the center top of the Reply box to upload a photo.


Here is a photo of the two bands. I have a straight edge on each one but the shaping doesn’t seem right. Should I just do them again. Many thanks Jenny


Rip back to the cast off of 54sts. Then it seems to me that the pattern wants you to rib back, cast off 6 and repeat the row of rib and the cast off row. This isn’t well explained but that puts the cast off of 6sts x 4 at the same end of the row as the cast off of 54 sts. All the cast offs are nearest the 54 stitch cast off end.
The shape should be more like this rough diagram (not even close to scale):

I suspect that the upper edge will look smoother than it does in the drawing.


Thank you salmonmac, I will do as you explain and go back to the 54 cast off point and do all the casting off at this same spot. I agree that it wasn’t explained well. Often patterns will show you diagrams of all the pieces that you will have and this would have helped me work it out. THANKS AGAIN. Back to my knitting … Best regards you have been so helpful.


Salmonmac, thank you for explaining properly because I do have the same problem. :1st_place_medal: