Trouble with pbf stitch

I am working on the Limeaide Fizz Shawl by The Sexy Knitter (on Ravelry).

In the pattern, there are a number of places where you do a yo2, which I understand. However, on the following row it has you “pfb in each yo2”.

I am familiar with doing pfbs… but only when doing them on individual stitches. The way I am doing the stitch right now is leaving a ladder on following rows. In the end it should be creating a large closed hole.

Can anyone explain (or somehow show me) where my needles should go to complete this stitch?

The idea is to purl front and back and then again front and back into the double yo. That will give you 4sts in place of the yo and create the large hole that you see in the pattern.

I tried that but it messed up the stitch count to turn it into 4 stitches. The pattern wants you to create a large hole but maintain 2 stitches.

Here is a photo of where I am at before I start the stitch… the numbered yarns may help…

Are any of the increased sts decreased in later rows? If not, what about just doing a pfb in the yo? That will maintain 2sts. and actually I think that is what the pattern is calling for: one pfb in each yo2. In other words yo twice and on the next row pfb in the yo.
Lovely color yarn for this project!

You’re probably just supposed to drop one loop off the needle and pbf in the remaining loop. That’s going to make a really big hole though and you can just YO once, loosely and do the pbf into it that way.

You know, looking at the pattern, it [I]is[/I] a rather big hole in knitting.

I ended up working through it with the designer and the intent in the pattern is to work the front loop, drop the first loop, then purl into the back of the second loop. I made a video tutorial for the stitch to help out anyone else who might be struggling with this one (or similar).

Feel free to check it out at:

Thanks for all your help!!!