Trouble with pattern

So the pattern says. The right side is facing you; it is time to join in the round. Slip the last 4 stitches, on the end of the needle, to a cable
needle. Join in the round, be careful not to twist. Hold the 4 stitches on the cable needle behind the first 4 stitches on the needle. (Knit the first stitch on the needle together with the first stitch on the cable, knit the 2nd stitch together with the 2nd stitch on the cable needle) repeat with the last 2 stitches, you are now joined in the round and have only 4 stitches worked. Place your beginning of the round marker. 147 stitches
The problem is that when I follow the instructions my working yarn is on the left needle not the right so does that mean I need to attach another ball of yarn to make that work?

As I was reading that it didn’t look right to me either. Can you give us a pattern name and link please?

The pattern is leaf love dress

The directions aren’t very specific here. The way to work this is to stop before the last 4sts. So tink back those 4sts. Slip them to a spare needle or dpn. Bring the left needle around, ready to join to knit in the round. Hold the spare needle to the back of the left needle. Now your working yarn is at the tip of the right needle and you can knit the next 4 “double” sts as the pattern directs.

That dress could not be cuter!

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That worked. Thanks for your help