Trouble with "make one" (m1)


I’m working on a hat from the Rowan Big Easy catalogue (the “Nelly” pattern). It’s done on 2 needles, starting from the hat’s crown and working down. Here are the first few lines of the patterns:

Cast on 7 sts
Row 1: P7
Row 2: (K1, M1) 6 times, K1. 13 sts.
Row 3: P1, (M1P, P2) 6 times. 19 sts.

I’m having trouble with Row 3. When I go to M1P, I can’t find a horizontal bar in between the sts to ‘make one’ because the sts appear to be all twisted from the previous row of ‘M1’.

Am I doing something wrong with the Row 2 ‘make one’? Please help!

Welcome to the forum! :cheering: Where in the world are you? (Just kidding.)

In other top-down hat patterns, I’ve seen kfb used for increases – I think those work better when you’ve got a lot of them to do on every round. You’d be knitting in the front and back of a stitch instead of knitting into the strand between stitches. If you need more guidance, click on the “Glossary” tab above, and look under kfb. (For m1p, you can use pfb.) :thumbsup: