Trouble with large gap in last stitch, 1st row

It’s been more than two years since I’ve started a knitting project, and I vaguely recall having the same trouble then, but haven’t a clue how to fix it.

The cast on is fine. The problem occurs regardless of whether I knit on the cast row, or use a simple thumb cast on.

All the other stitches I knit, purl, slip, (you name it) are fine – until I finish the last stitch – and it has a “bubble” in it more than three times the rest of my stitches. If I continue to knit more rows, they are fine. My practice swatch is fine – except for that bulging end stitch on the first row.


Thanks in advance!

What kind of a CO do you use? If you use a slipknot, make sure the tail is able to slide rather than the yarn you use for casting on the sts and then pull on it. It’s normal for the last st on the first row to be a little larger, but it doesn’t seem to be as noticeable after you make some more rows.

Thank you, Suzeeq. Could you help me understand HOW to accomplish the sliding tail? I’m not clear on options there.

Thanks, again.

When you make a slipknot you have two ends of yarn, one of which can slide to make the loop smaller or larger. When you begin a cast on, make the loop so that the sliding or moveable end is the one that will be your tail yarn. I forgot to mention that if you’re using a long tail CO though, it doesn’t matter because both strands are used to cast on with, so this only works with the knit or cable cast on.

Gotcha. Thanks for the clarification. Yes, I DO do that, already.

I did go back and rework my test piece, and paid close attention to what was happening where yarn hits needles, and I THINK I am knitting my first row tighter than I should be. I focused on knitting the next test piece, concentrating on keeping my work looser, and the gap at the last stitch was barely larger than the other.

I think the tightness of my knitting was pushing the “excess” yarn from each cast on stitch to the end, where it “blossomed.”

Thanks, again, for the help. You are very kind.

I think the tightness of my knitting was pushing the “excess” yarn from each cast on stitch to the end, where it “blossomed.”

Yes, it’ll do that.