Trouble with "divide for neck" instructions


This is my first time posting here, hope some kind soul will help me get over the “snag” I have encountered while attempting to make a sweater for my unborn child (I’m six months pregnant!):knitting:

The free Lion Brand pattern from is called Sideways Yoke Cardigan, pattern #L0071. I would have posted the link but apparently true neophytes are not allowed to…

Everything was going well until I reached the “Divide for neck” section. Here are the instructions I don’t understand:

“join a 2nd ball of yarn and k18. Knit both sets of 18 sts at the same time using separate strands of yarn until piece measures about 2 1/2 in. (6.5 cm) from beg of neck divide.
Next Row: K18 (for right front yoke), slip 18 sts to a holder (for back yoke); leave yarn attached to back yoke for later use.”

I joined the 2nd ball of yarn no problem and then proceeded to knit the stitches that were already on the needle with the additional yarn just added on. I did this for 2 1/2 in., thinking I was on track, but the piece already started to look strange.

First of all, this was the “divide for neck” section so I expected the piece to start showing some kind of hole for the neck. Secondly, it didn’t make sense to me that this 2 1/2 in.piece was now twice as thick as the rest of the sweater. Third, when I got to the next instruction, (i.e. “Next Row: K18 (for right front yoke), slip 18 sts to a holder (for back yoke); leave yarn attached to back yoke for later use.”) I knew something was wrong because the stitches I slipped to the holder for the back did not have any yarn attached to them as the pattern said they should.

What am I doing wrong?
Any help would be greatly appreciated!


I can’t give you advice on the pattern, but will say that after (I think?) two posts, you’ll be able to post the link. What yarn/needle size are you using? Is this your first garment?

Best wishes.



Thanks for the info…

I’m using 5 1/2 straight needles (US 9) and Grignasco Flavia Baby yarn (50g or 1.76 oz to 200m or 218 yds).

And yes, this is my first garment, with sleeves anyway. I’ve made a couple of ponchos successfully :slight_smile:

Oh! here’s the link!

When the pattern says to knit 18sts and then join another ball of yarn and knit the next 18sts it means that you’ll be knitting two separate pieces at the same time, each with its own ball of yarn, each with a single strand of yarn.
So to do this, knit 18sts with the yarn you have been using all along, drop that strand of yarn and forget it for the moment. Pick up a new end of yarn and knit the next 18sts. Turn to do the next row and you’ll see that you have the working strand of yarn right there at the end of the needle and you also have another strand hanging off the piece halfway down the needle. Pick up your working yarn and knit 18sts up to that hanging strand of yarn, drop the working yarn, pick up the hanging strand to knit the next 18sts. As you continue in this way to knit the rows, you’ll see that a slit is forming where you drop one strand and pick up the other.

Thanks salmonmac, your explanation seems clear! I’ll give it a shot and post back soon.

I’ve been wondering about this too - I’m not used to adding new strands of yarn unless it’s at the end of a ball. What’s the best way to add new yarn here? Thanks :slight_smile: (good luck with your garment!)

Salmonmac, it’s working!!!
This is fantastic. This forum saved my life (or at least my project:))
Thanks again!!!

Probably the same method that you use at the end of a row or when you run out of yarn will work here but take a look at the videos under the Free Videos tab at the top of the page, Tips, Joining new yarn. There are some good techniques there that may give you some alternate ideas.

When you join yarn in the middle of a row like this, just leave a tail to weave in later. The first couple stitches may be a little loose, but they won’t unravel; just pull on the tail somewhat. You don’t really have to attach the yarn to anything.