Trouble with binding off on a chevron pattern afghan

Hello all!

I have been working on a baby afghan that has a chevron pattern. I followed the instructions using a knit bind off. The problem is the peaks are very rounded. The beginning of the afghan has perfect 'V’s and the other end does not match. Is there a better bind off for these types of patterns? Or will it just take better shape with blocking?

Thanks for all your help!!


Binding off just isn’t the same as casting on. It’s a shame, really. Blocking will probably help as long as you didn’t bind off too tightly and are able to get it into the shape you desire. That said, I just pulled out of the cupboard a feather and fan cloth that I made a while back – it is the same idea with a very definite wave in the edge. The bind off edge wasn’t the same but I didn’t care because I was just using it for cleaning anyways, but through lots of times through the washer and dryer, both edges look the same now! You’ll probably be more delicate with something like an afghan though.

You could undo the bind off and then when you do it again try binding off 2 or 3 stitches at a time at the peaks - It would be just like a k2tog or a k3tog.