Trouble w/ gauge using Wool-Ease!

Is it just me? :?? No matter what pattern I try, I cannot get gauge using Lion Brand Wool Ease yarn. I’ve even tried to get gauge according to their label with no luck. And yes, even going up needle sizes and switching from wood to metal isn’t working at all.

I have not had this problem with any other yarn. EVERY swatch I knit up to check gauge absolutely will not come out right. UGH! Last night I knit up 4 swatches on different sized needles and not one worked.


I have so much of it too, :pout: but I just cannot knit with it apparently. Anyone else have this problem??? Or am I just crazy? :zombie:

What are you getting? And with what size needles?
They say it’s an standard 18/24 worsted gauge. If you can get the 18 stitches per 4 inches, then I wouldn’t worry so much about the 24 rows per 4". You can make up for that by knitting extra rows into your pattern.

This is really weird, but no matter what I do I am getting 5.5 stitches per inch (22 per 4") … even when going up a needle size the gauge is not changing - how weird is that? Oh - you asked what size needles – that’s on everything from a US6 to a US10.

I’ve not had this problem with anything but wool-ease. And different skeins of it, too, in different colors - I’m wanting to begin a couple of different projects, but I cannot get gauge on either pattern, no matter what I try. :pout And the patterns just call for basic worsted weight yarn.

Does this happen sometimes … that someone just doesn’t play well with a particular yarn? I’m baffled …

Oh, and I’m not a tight knitter either … my stitches are normally pretty balanced, for what it’s worth.

First of all, it’s NEVER you-- it’s always the yarn or the pattern:) . Now that we’ve gotten THAT out of the way. . .
Try really jumping sizes-- use an 11, which is 8mm, or even 13s, which are 9mm. I think if you knit across, maybe, 25 sts and go for about 15 rows, you will find that you are getting closer to 4.5 sts per inch. Try that and then post your results and let’s go from there.
One more question-- what kinds of yarn have you knit with before?

Thanks for the suggestions … I have knit with just about everything there is before now, from light weight to super bulky, premium to the super savers. I’ve never had this problem before :shrug:

Okay-- I was just checking to see if you had only worked with a certain weight. Or if maybe you had never worked with worsted, it was a bad batch and so ultra thin, but you didn’t recognize it because you hadn’t knitted with that weight before. But that’s ruled out. So now try it with the really big needles and see what happens. It may be that there is something about this yarn which just doesn’t work for you. It’s like people swearing by wooden needles, or metal, or turbo, or plastic, and other people hating them. Also, do you knit continental or thrown? Which ever way, I’m not suggesting you try to learn a different way to knit! But just curious, as to that could influence the gauge.

I thought I was the only one with this problem.:roflhard:No matter what needle I switch to the gauge does not change. Love this yarn but to get gauge is almost impossible.Haven’t figured out a solution either:tap:And only with the Wool ease does this happen

Even with size 13s/9mm?

I have the same trouble with W.Ease…it actually compresses (if that’s the right word) and knits up as a DK weight rather than reg. worsted, I’ve found.
I love the yarn, just have to use it at a diff. gauge than suggested.
Oh, and if I did try with BIG needles, it would make such a floppy fabric that I would not like it.
I think it’s just the nature of that yarn…it’s really a (very) light worsted even though it’s labelled as worsted wt.
Just my 2¢,
Karen G
in GA

It may compress some, but it’s a little thicker than Caron Simply Soft.