Trip To The Frog Pond

It was bound to happen. I was knitting the alpaca vest and thought I was doing well. I had the back about 1/3 done and was looking it over when I saw I had made a big mistake in the ribbing way back at the beginning. Ack! :wall::hair:

It was too obvious to ignore so I started frogging. Wow, what a big pile of yarn!

sigh I’ve cast it on again and am starting over.

First practice run over :rofl:

:waah: Awww man, I HATE when that happens!!!
Our condolences to your dearly departed vest.:hug:

aww that stinks when it happens…:hug:

So sorry to hear that, but at least you have a few more days before you need more yarn for the next project.

That sucks… It happens to all of us… just had to frog a scarf (yes, a scarf:oops: ) 3 times before I got it right… (I’m only embarrassed because I’ve been knitting almost as long as I’ve been breathing…)

So sorry to hear that! Does it help that you get to knit it again?

Ah well, the first time was a practice run I guess. The alpaca sure is nice to work with and makes a nice soft fabric.

LOL what a brilliant attitude!

I have fallen in love with alpaca. I can’t use 100% wool but I can use the alpaca and I love it.

OH well, Knit happens. Just be glad you didn’t finish the entire vest before you found the mistake. Glad you’ve hopped in the frog pound and are emerging.

Yay for alpaca, even a blend! I’m doing a shawl with Bernat Alpaca, which is only 30% alpaca but mmmmm, sooo nice.

Ouch! Glad you have a good attitude about it though. I’d be crying as I was frogging.:wink:

Mason, why aren’t you knitting the vest in the round?

in there…

I’m frogging the front of a cabled vest. At least part of it. Which probably means all of it since I have a bit of trouble tinking back when there is a cable involved.

Hang in there and I’m sending you ‘no frog’ vibes for this round!

I thought about it but decided to have a go at knitting one flat and seaming it. Gotta learn seaming sometime I guess.

Don’t worry - seaming is not so bad:thumbsup:

Oh, doncha just HATE that! I always just keep looking at it and hoping it will go away or suddenly start looking alright! It never does. :frowning: Oh well…as they say, you get to knit all that yarn twice for the same price. :slight_smile:

Oh no!! Well, at least you caught it (relatively speaking) early on. Still, the froggie pond is NO FUN! :stuck_out_tongue:

I had to frog a few of rows the other day on an afghan square-nowhere near the pain you went through, but my DH was saying, “you’re just gonna RIP it out?!” LOL-Yep. It was too obvious to leave, so there ya go.

Hope it goes better the second time! And how nice that its a lovely alpaca, so working with it longer is not such a bad prospect anyway! :slight_smile:

Sorry to hear about your trip to the frog pond, Mason. But you’ve got a great attitude about it and I’ll bet that you don’t make that mistake again. :thumbsup: