Tricky technique! any advice?

ok, so i supposedly have several rows of st st, 20 sts per row, sitting on 2 different sets of circular needles (though the “swatches” were knit back and forth). with me so far??

i’ve made legs for a stuffed toy, btw, going into the body.

now the pattern tells me to redistribute the sts with rs facing like so: place last 10 sts of 2nd leg and first 10 of 1st leg on one needle, and the remaining 10 sts of 1st leg and the first 10 on 2nd leg onto 2nd circular needle. it tells me that half the sts for each leg will be on one needle (40 total) and 20 sts for front and 20 for back on the 2nd needle. now i join in a new strand of yarn to beginning of one needle and work in stockenette stin the rnd all 40 sts as follows:

rnd 1: knit first 20 sts using both ends of the same needle, then knit second 20 sts with both ends of the other needle
rnds 2-24: knit in the same manner

i guess i am just looking for advice, cause i can’t visualize this. does this technique have a name?

Hmmmmmm, I’m thinking this sounds like small diameter circular knitting using two circular needles?
Check out Amy’s video here

This is my best guess anyway. :wink:

that’s it peg. thanks a lot for taking the time to figure out what i was doing and point me to the right place!