triangle shawl pattern without the holes in the center

Seems like all the triangle shawl patterns nowadays are designed to 1) grip around your shoulders like Michelin tires, (heart-shaped?) 2) have double central holes, from to YO’s 3) aren’t truly triangular due to long to extremely long wingspan and minimal length down the center. They are knit from the bottom. I wondered if anyone had a basic pattern which would yield a triangle shawl that was truly triangular in length. I tried one with just the central increases (2 incr), and one with increases on each side of the row (2incr). Both yielded long wingspan, short depth shawls. Should I next try increasing one stitch at the beginning of each row? I’m tired of the central row of holes from the increases on each side of the central stitch. Please let me know if you have found any different patterns/ideas. Thanks! jolie

Not sure exactly what you are looking for. I did a triangle knit shawl that I was happy with the results. It was carons triangle knit shawl


This 5 Basic Shawl Shapes Cheat Sheet might be helpful.

This video shows how not to have holes along the spine.


Did not realize I could eliminate the YO holes by using M1. That helps and I will download the sheet of info. Thanks so much!!

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You’re most welcome! I think you might already have the biggest piece of what you’re trying to understand figured out. I’m interested in knowing what pattern you decide on or if you’ll just make up your own. If or when you want to consider another option there are central double increases you can try for the spine.

You can use any increase that works with what you’re doing. I often use kfb for shawl spines and raglan increase lines.

I do not care for the holey (lace) increases either, so I just do the kfb increases. I know some do left and right increases, but I am quite happy doing both sides the same:-)