Triangle Shawl Pattern - k2tog tbl and more... Help!

Need Help, please! I am working on a triangle shawl pattern (pattern from Lion Brand website). Gotta ask some questions on the followings:

Row 3: K1, *yo, k2tog tbl; rep from *across [color=red]Does this mean do yarn over then knit two together as usual? Does tbl (through back loop) mean doing it differently?[/color]

Row 4: (Inc 1 st in next st, p 1) 2 times, inc 1 st in next st – 8 sts [color=red]Okay… what’s with the parentheses? How do I increase at the beginning of the row? Do I do bar increase then purl? Then repeat 2 times, what does the rest of the pattern tell me? 8 sts in the end?[/color]

Rows 9 & 10: Inc 1 st in first st, p to last st, inc 1 in last st [color=red]Why does it say purl to last stitches then increase?[/color]

Thanks a bunch!

Ok, on your row 3, you’re gonna YO as usual, but when you K2tog, you’re gonna do it through the back loops instead of the front like normal.

On the rows 9 & 10, it looks like the purl to last st is just part of the pattern.

On the Row 4 question, I’m gonna let someone else answer that!

there is a video for k2tog tbl here in the first column…scroll down they are in alphabetical order

it looks to me like in row 4 you are maybe knitting into the front and the back of the first loop to increase but i could be reading it wrong.

The parenthesis are there because the instruction after them is telling you to do what in in the brackets 2 times. when you have done that you should have 6 stitches on the needle. Then you will increase in the last stitch on your needle and will have a total of 8 stitches.

rows 9 & 10 it is telling you to increase the first stitch and then just purl the rest of the row as normal until the last stitch. when you get to the last stitch you are going to increase again.

all of the increases are what are going to make your shawl into a triangle shape.

How do I knit into the the front and the back of the first loop? When I increase at the beginning of this row, do I just knit a bar increase?


about two links up from the other video is a video for knitting into the front & back of the loop. That is what i would do for the increases but someone else may have a different opinion. I just think it is the quickest and easiest increase for this kind of thing.

Thanks a bunch! :smiley: