Trellis ?'s

Has anyone knit Trellis from I have a few questions with your experience with this pattern.

Firstly, recomended gauge is 21 sts=4" in pattern. Erm, which pattern? The seed st? I’m assuming it’s the seed st, as there isn’t any real St st.

Has anyone knit this up with 100% cotton? On my swatch, I have a lot of stretching going on that’s pulling my stitches a bit out of whack. I suspect that it’s the nature of the cotton yarn doing this. The yarn that’s called for in the pattern is 60% cotton, 40% acrylic. The swatch also seems to be bowed on the sides, almost like this ) (. Weird!

Any insight you may have is greatly appreciated!!!

I haven’t knit Trellis, but a friend of mine has and it’s detailed in her blog:

Thanks, FG. I’m sort of stumped on what to swatch on myself. I’m thinking you swatch in seed st, but I dunno!

You could always email the designer through the link that’s at the bottom of the pattern… :thumbsup:

I coullld, but that would make too much SENSE KK.