Tree of Life pattern, sideways

I hope someone here can help me with this, as I’ve been all over the net & even to some sewing stores without much luck. I have made the Tree of Life afghan 3 times for gifts. Now I’d like to tackle something just a bit bigger by enlarging the pattern to use as a king-size bedspread. I’d like a set of trees to line the left & right sides of the bedspread but worked sideways so that it is all one piece.
I’ve attached a very rough draft of what I am trying to do.
Thank you for any help you can offer.

Your attachment won’t show up until you’re less of a newbie, but I think I know what you mean. Just repeat the chart for the ‘tree’ 3 times across the width of the rows, though you’ll probably want several plain sts between them.

I think you’ll have to knit this in sections otherwise it will be too many sts for even a long circular needle. Then you can do mattress st or graft the ends to join the sections. It will make a beautiful bedspread.

I think you are right, after doing a test last night if I try to do this as one piece, even if I could get it all to fit on a linked-together circular needle, the dang thing would probably be so heavy I wouldn’t be able to work on it :stuck_out_tongue: Plus my trees running sideways would look sort of flat since I wouldn’t be able to do the stitches correctly to get them to look like branches.
So I think I will do it in 4 pieces 1 on each side & 1 at the foot of the bed, then I can make a nice binding all the way around the edge of the mattress.
Thank you & Suzeeq very much for responding to my question.


I was thinking of 4 pieces too. But I was imagining a line down the center from head to foot of the bed and then a crosswise line dividing the piece into 4 ~ squares. You could knit each piece from the side of the bed toward the center line. That way, your trees would be knit as usual for the pattern. Well, sounds like a great project in all senses of the word. Good luck with it!

I know, I am getting excited to start it but I have to finish a sweater up first :slight_smile: I just down to the sleeves…I hate sleeves :slight_smile:

I am going to think about your 4 pieces… there might be some pluses divvying up the work that way.

The fun really starts though when I start the calculations for how many skeins I need…

Thanks for your help,