Tree of Life afghan questions!


I finished the first twin trees pattern for the afghan, so now I’m moving onto the dividing pattern. BUT! I have some questions.

First, I ended on a RS row for row 58 of twin trees, which is all P across the row.
The next step in the afghan is to P all the way across, do I do that even though it would be on the wrong (knit) side?

This the pattern:
Row 2: *P4, work Row 2 of Twin Trees pattern or follow Chart Row 2 for 40 sts; rep from * 3 more times, p4. Continue in established pattern following row-by-row instructions or consecutive rows of Chart for 58 rows, ending with a RS row.
P 1 row.

Next question is dealing with the 4 stitches between pattern reps. If it says to P the row, BUT those four stiches should be K because it’s the WS, which do I do?

For example, there’s 40 sts per pattern rep, so would I K4, P40 or P the whole thing?

I hope I explained it well, thank you for any help!!


Great progress!
Row 58 should be a RS row. Turn to the WS and work the “Purl one row”. This sets up the change in pattern to the 4 rows of stockinette that begins the dividing pattern.


Gotcha, thank you again!:grin:


I’m on the flower garden pattern now, do I still include those 4 extra stitches before each rep (from the twin trees pattern)?

Also, is (inc 1 on the first st) a KFB?

So like, is the first row of the flowering pattern going to be:

Inc 1 in first st, p10, *k1b (twisted knit st), p11; rep from *, end, p1.


P4 then Inc 1 in first st, p10, *k1b (twisted knit st), p11; rep from *, end, p1.


Don’t keep the P4 from the twin trees pattern. Work a kfb or a purl front and back at the beginning of the flower garden pattern and then continue with the row as given.