Traveling with my knitting

Okay, I’m going on a 1 week school trip with my daughter’s 6th grade class to Washington DC in May. :rollseyes: We will be traveling by coach bus. I want to take my knitting to work on the two 16 hour bus ride to and from.

Help me put together a list of things to take along in my bag. I am going to start a simple tank sweater (I’m a newbie) in Plymouth Yarn WildFlower or maybe a tank in Sirdar Fresco.

Send me your list of the supplies you carry in your traveling knit bag.

Also, do you take more than one project with you on a long trip like this?

Deeknit :??

That’s a lot of bus/knitting time! I’d bring enough yarn for two projects, plus all the right sized needles, stitch markers, holders, tapestry needle, crochet hook for corrections, gauge measure, ruler, scissor, pencil, notebook, row counter if you use one. . . I’m sure I’ve forgotten something. :thinking:

On a long trip I take several projects, but that’s because I often have many things going at once. I multi-task often, and can’t ever stick with just -one- thing to do.


ooooh and a copy of a map with all the yarn stores mapped out along the way! Tell the kids you don’t CARE if that’s on the itinerary!!

aaaaaaaaaanyway… i would be inclined to bring just one right now but that is because i would be FORCED to finish that afghan i have been working on. However it is possible i would be so bored that i have to bring something else so i don’t end up hating knitting by the time i got back! :rollseyes:

I agree. I would bring more than one project. I would photocopy the patterns and put them in plastic sleeves so you are not dragging around any books. The right needles and maybe the sizes above and below what the pattern calls for so if you do a guage and need to adjust you have the correct needles with you. A tape measure, row counter, small scissors, and a great bag to hold everything in.

An MP3 player to have great knitting music (oh and to drown out all of the very chatty pre-teen girls :wink: )

Oh and maybe spare yarn and needles so you can teach all of the eager students how to knit when they see what cool things you are making.

And yes, a map of all of the LYS and lots of cash for more yarn! :lol:

Have fun! Sounds like a great trip!