Travel neck pillow

Hi there
I want to make a knitted travel neck pillow like the popular “bucky” pillow. i’ve gotten a few suggestions so far. i do not know how to crochet and i am afraid of double pointed needles. any suggestions?

You could knit a rectangle, seam the ends to make a tube, then seam the ends of the tube closed? :thinking:

thanks for the suggestion. i have been looking at hobo purse patterns to try to play off of for this pillow. any suggestions?

Basically it needs to be this shape (I believe) only knitted, not crocheted:

Allegra contacted me first but unfortunately my knitting skills aren’t good enough to convert patterns.

rachel is right, and thanks again for your help.

the shape is exactly what i want, except knitted.

You could CO a certain number of sts provisionally, knit in garter or stockinette, increasing on the even rows, then do the same thing in the opposite direction off of the CO sts, then seam the long top to the long bottom and seam the ends.

or you could skip the provisional cast on, and CO a small amount of stitches and do a bunch of increases, then knit straight, then do a bunch of decreases, (you’d end up with a trapezoid like shape) and then seam the two small ends together.
or you could just buy one[/size]

yeah…BOTH of hildie’s suggestions make more sense!