Transferring stitches onto a purse handle

I am making a cabled purse (Lion pattern: cable ready bag) and am at the point that I need to transfer the bag over to the wooden purse handles…but don’t understand the directions. It reads, “transfer sts from st holder onto needle. From WS, insert crochet hook through first purse handle and draw up a loop. Bring yarn around handle and draw second loop through the first loop and through the first st. on the needle. Slip st off needle. Continue to work crochet wrap in this manner across remaining sts, then continue to work crochet wrap into ring handle alone until ring is covered.” This thoroughly confuses me and I asked Lion for clarification, which did not help. Can anyone clarify or give me a simpler solution? Thanks all!

Since no one more knowledgeable has jumped in on this one, I’ll give it a shot.

I think this is what the pattern is saying:

Once you have the stitches on a needle, from the wrong side put your crochet through the first loop on the needle. Then put your hook through the middle of the purse handle (is it circular?) and hook the working yarn (which I assume is attached somewhere) and pull it through the handle. Now you’ve got the loop from the yarn that’s gone around the handle and the original stitch from your needle on your crochet hook. Wrap the working yarn around the handle again, catch it with the hook, and pull that through both those loops.

I think the confusion might be that they never told you to insert your hook in that stitch on your needle – probably because once you get done with those stitches, you’re going to keep going around the purse handle till you have it covered.

What you’ll end up with is a cover of yarn over the purse handle, which will be attached at the stitches you started with.

Hope this helps. If anyone can explain it better, or wants to tell me how wrong I got it, jump in!