Transfer from double point > circular

I am new to using double point and circular… the directions on my pattern said to start with double point, I ended up with two legs (everything great so far)
Then to transfer the two legs to a circular needle to start working the body of the leggings.

I am STUMPED at how to get them off of the double points… I have stretched the poor legs out and the stitches are a mess.

Any advise on how to do this?


Start knitting with the circular; think of it as another dpn. A really long dpn…

I think my circular is too long, how do i put the stitches back on the dpn?


You can slip them or knit them back to the dpns. Or if the dpns aren’t long enough, leave them on the long circ and knit them onto a shorter one when you get one.

Thank you very much, that helps.