Train travels

Tonight I settled in for the long ride home and eagerly pulled out my knitting. My seat mate whipped out his lap top and some headphones. It took me a moment to realize he was watching a movie.
With the angle of the screen it was a little hard to see so I didn’t recognize it but for some reason as I sat there knitting it struck me as strange.

I’m not passing judgment on his chosen form of relaxation. I’ve certainly seen some stranger things on the train (and listened helplessly to cell phone conversations that I’d rather not hear!!) but it just seemed such a contrast. Me knitting a sock, something people have been doing for ages. Him watching a movie, on the train. Something I couldn’t conceive of a few years ago.

Funny, I don’t feel conspicuous knittng on the train but I think I’d feel out of place watching a movie on the train. And it doesn’t feel like it would be very enjoyable or relaxing.
Me, I still like my movies in the theater with popcorn!!


When my husband and I were vacationing in Germany this past March we took trains everytime went from city to city (Frankfurt-Heidelburg-Munich-Garmisch-Berlin). We often watched movies on the laptop… or I read and DH played on his PSP! (I didn’t knit yet.) We even plugged the laptop into the power outlet on the trains! :teehee: