Traditional fisherman’s rib

Can anyone give me some help please with a fisherman’s rib jumper
I am wanting to knit a fisherman’s rib jumper for my grandson- his actual chest measurement is 28” but his school jumper is 32” across so thought that’s the size I’d aim for.(he’s 8 years old - average Build )
I have a pattern that gives the finished size as 32 so thought I’d work to that. I did the test swatch (19sts to 38 rows) which seemed ok. However, I want to knit in the traditional fisherman’s rib (k1 below on every row) not as the pattern suggests which is what I would call ‘half fisherman’s rib (1st row K1 below p1 - 2nd row purl)
I have done approximately 50 rows and it is turning out HUGE - i have just measured the back and it’s grown to a whapping 20 inches across the back already- can anyone tell me if the traditional fisherman’s rib stitch makes it super stretchy- my tension seems pretty even, if anything I’m a tight knitter.
I’ve ripped it all out to start again - anyone any idea how to get the sizing right? I cast on 75stitches on 3.75 changing to 4mm after the bottom rib and I’m knitting in stylecraft Aran.
Any suggestions as to how many stitches to cast on to make it fit please - thank you

Fisherman’s Rib and Brioche are notorious for their stretch. If your pattern is written for half Fisherman’s Rib you might try that. The purl row might act to stabilize the stitch pattern.
Alternatively you could knit a smaller size, decrease the cast on (use the gauge you were getting: x number of sts/ 20 inches) or look for a pattern specifically for Fisherman’s Rib.

(Many years ago I had the same thing happen with a child’s sweater in Brioche.)

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Thank you, yes the pattern I’m following is in half fisherman’s rib, so I guess that’s what I’ll have to follow .
I’ll take a look and see if I can find a full rib pattern and see what the gauge is for that. Thank you for your reply x