Touque time

Snow and more snow.

I am searching for touque patterns prefer to use cirucular needles.
Still home sick from work and at the present time working on a wrap. have never knit a touque. Many thank yous.:muah:

For those who might not know… a toque is a hat. :wink:

Not sure if you want plain, ribbed or what so here’s several.

A hat calculator.

I totally love knitting toques! Sooo easy.

Just take moderate-sized circular needles.
Select a fairly-fine yarn, baby yarn or sports-weight.

Measure the head, measure the sts/inch you knit - then add 1/3 as many stitches to the total sts you’d cast on for a tight-fitting hat.

Cast on that number of sts. Work for 3’ [yep that’s like 36"] in k1, p1. Then cut the yarn. Cut a 2’ long length of yarn, fold it in half and pull it through all the sts on your needle.

Remove needle. Tie the folded strand tightly. Add either a pom-pom or a nice long tassel [I prefer tassel] to hide the tied-off area.

Roll up the brim to make a wonderful ear-warming bottom and wear with pride!

Hope this helps,

Hello Ursula. I have a hockey toque pattern (quite old, 40’s I think) that is a plain stitch for the hat section and a 2/2 rib (w/2 contrasting colour stripes). The pattern is quite easy and is written for 4 double points (size 3.25 mm using a fingering weight wool) (sizes are for boys 8, 10, 12 or 14 years). I’m just about finished with mine and am very pleased with the look of it. I’m sure it would work just as well on a circular needle (except decreasing - you’d have to switch to DPs for the decrease part of the pattern). I’m going the other way on the needles - I’m trying to convert the pattern to straight needles for my next hat because I have difficulty with circular/dp needles. I’d be happy to send the pattern to you.