Totally OT - &*^%$ apartment hunting in NY - grrrrr

Ugh, I could kick something…or cry. :crying:
DH and I are moving back to NY this summer. I went home this weekend to look at some places and we thought we found the PERFECT house. Sooo pretty, so well-kept. We did all the paperwork, submitted everything that they asked for…blah, blah, blah. It looked like it was going to work out.

Then, our broker called me a few minutes ago and told us that they changed their mind and are going to let a ‘friend of the family’ rent it, instead. I guess they knew all along that this was a possibility, they just weren’t sure what was going to happen. WTF? If they knew about this, then why didn’t they say something? They KNEW that we were from out of town. I know it wasn’t a money issue - we’re so good about saving, and we made a very nice profit on the sale of our house. We both have good jobs (I’m in the military - c’mon, how much more secure can you get?!?)

UGH, this TOTALLY wasted my trip up there. I could’ve kept looking. Now, I have to go back up there tomorrow (or tonight, depending on when I can get some more appts to view apartments…) We fly out for California on Sat for 2 1/2 weeks, and I REALLY need to know that we have a place before we fly out. If not, we’ll have a whopping 2 weeks to find a home.

I need me a glass of wine…or five.

thanks for letting me vent.
~Sharon, hoping not to be homeless in NY.


I wish I could help; I’ll be sending good thoughts your way and keeping my fingers crossed in hope that you’ll find something suitable soon!
Hang in there: New York is HUGE, there must be one house available there, perfect for you and your family :thumbsup:

I’m SO sorry!!! Look at it this way, it wasn’t the right house, and you are going to find the perfect place! I will certainly pray that you find it quickly :thumbsup:

YUCK!!! That is not fun - I do hope that you are able to find some place before your trip that way you can enjoy your time in CA. I’m sending find-a-new-happy-home vibes your way! :heart:

Urgh - moving / home hunting are the most stressful of things hugs and I agree with Becka, it wasn’t the right place. Fingers crossed for you that you find the perfect place very soon.

Thanks, everyone! After having myself a good woe-is-me drink, I got back on the phone and made some more phone calls.

I’m heading back up to NY on Thursday to look at 3 more places. If we don’t find anything, I’m not going to stress over it anymore. We’ll something, eventually…

:cheering: :cheering: The perfect place is just a few days away :wink:

:cheering: glad you had a good woe is me drink and blew it out of your system. Onwards and upwards and here’s to finding the perfect home :slight_smile: :cheering:

Did you sign a lease ?

No, I haven’t signed anything yet. We paid for the credit check and all for the other place, and this new place wants one, too. I’m calling the broker from the first place to see if she’ll give us a copy of the one we already paid for.

I never realized what a rip-off it is to find an apartment in NY.

Where are you looking? In the city? If money is no object, I recommand a real neat place in Bayside.

I hope the previous people will and can supply that one that you already paid for. It would be dreadful if they wouldn’t.

I am not sure if it’s legal for them to ask you to pay for a credit check. In our experience, when we had tenants, it was our choice whether we wanted a credit check or not; if yes, then we had to pay for it. Since you did not request the credit check, why did you have to pay for it?