Total Beginner UK in need of help please!

Hi, I’m trying to crochet this for my niece. However I’m struggling to understand what the pattern is asking me to do? I have completed round 2 but now I’m unsure how to do the next rounds…can anyone explain what (for example) ‘dc in next 2dc, INC’ I know that dc is double crochet and inc is increase, it’s the ‘in next 2dc’ bit that’s confusing me, what is it asking me to do here? Thank you in advance for you help

Hi and welcome to KH. Getting the magic ring is great, lots of people struggle with it.

Basically you crochet one more stitch between increases. So on rnd 2 you did an increase in each stitch. For rnd 3 you will inc, dc, inc, dc, inc, dc all the way around. Next increase round will have 2 dc between increases: inc, dc, dc, inc, dc, dc, inc, dc, dc, all the way around. The stitches inside the ( ) are the ones you will repeat. You can use markers at each increase if it helps.