Toronto Blue Jays pattern

I am looking to knit a scarf with the Toronto Blue Jays mascot/logo on one or both ends. I’m wondering if anyone knows of a pattern or an a pattern that could pass for this. Please help!

Hi and welcome!
I couldn’t find a scarf pattern for the Blue Jays but perhaps you can graph one using one of the methods suggested here. I see that the new Jay’s logo is a return to an earlier one. Certainly the bird (with or without the circle) looks like a great graphic.

Thanks so much! That really helped, I’ve printed off a couple of options to try.

just in browsing mode, and saw this post. What a great idea. I had been thinking of doing hockey logo sweaters for my nephews. Now that the leaque has come to its senses. I’m even keener Thanks for the info!!

I shudder to think what the chart for my hometown Carolina Hurricanes would look like. I guess if the gauge was small enough you might be able to pull it off… Maybe the secondary logo would be easier… I like that one better anyway.