Top stitch

My knitting pattern for a Peter Pan child’s cardigan says to join the seams with top stitch. I have googled this and it shows whip stitch or running stitch. Both sewn with the right sides facing. Has anybody here used this stitch.

I’ve used a running stitch sometimes to seam projects, mostly around curves like sleeve caps. It works nicely although I prefer mattress stitch on long side seams or shoulders.

I wonder if this older thread would help you, I don’t know how I came across it just browsing but thought of your question:

There is a link in this thread to a great free online knitting book, there are many pages on seaming and it gives examples of all sorts of directions which things might be seamed. I think they are all sewn with the right sides up so you match the rows and make the seam neat.
Well, maybe it’s worth a look through.

Hope your project goes well