Top down raglan sweater, uneven stitches for sleeves help

Hey guys! I am knitting a top down raglan sweater and I am at the point in the pattern where I need to separate my sleeves (76 stitches), but one sleeve has 79 stitches. I have taken it apart and restarted multiple times because I messed up my increases, so maybe it happened then? I am not sure what to do to fix it.
Any suggestions would be amazing:)

What is the weight of the yarn you’re using? With worsted or thinner you can probably just ignore the extra stitches until you’re knitting the sleeves and can then decrease them under the arm. With heavier yarn the 3 extra stitches could make a noticeable difference in the size of the sleeve. The number of stitches makes me think you’re using dk or worsted weight yarn.

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You’re right, it was probably where you missed an increase(s). It’s easy to do as you usually increase either side of 4 markers.
I would carefully count each section of the sweater to make sure the rest is correct.
If you follow the raglan lines back and mark the increases with stitch markers or contrast yarn, you should be able to locate the missing points. Then you can see how far back it is. You can either pull back to that point, or repair just around those stitches by dropping down to the mistake and adding another stitch by re working into the running thread as well as the dropped stitches. I find it easiest to use a crochet hook to rework the stitches but just make sure that they’re seated correctly (front leg forward). However, if you’ve lost three stitches, especially if it’s on the same line, and especially if it’s far back in the project, the resulting fabric could get very tight as you’ll only have the same amount of yarn to rework the higher number of stitches.
Ignoring it is also an option, especially if it doesn’t greatly impact the shape of the garment or the shoulder fit. Apply the galloping horse rule! Only pull out if you can see the mistake from the back of a galloping horse!!
If the shoulders are ok, you can add the extra three stitches around the underarm increase / pick up where they are relatively hidden.

As @GrumpyGramma said, the type of yarn may also help hide minor imperfections.