Top down raglan sleeve separation row pattern help

I hope my title makes sense!

I’m knitting a top down raglan style sweater and now I’m stuck at the sleeve separation row. This is my first sweater.

Pattern says: {work in pattern to marker, sm, k1, sl next 62 stitches to hold (removing markers), cable CO 17 stitches --[I]this is how far I’ve gotten[/I]–
K1, sm} twice, work in pattern to end.

I cast on those new 17 stitches and now they are on my left needle, as is my working yarn. Do I work those new stitches in the rib pattern that’s been established before I do my k1, sm and repeat? Otherwise, how do I get my working yarn to the other side of the cable CO stitches and keep going?

Cable cast on the 17sts, take the needle into your right hand and continue on with the next directions.
Can you give us a link to the pattern or a pattern name?

It’s the morning coffee kal by tot toppers. I needed up turning before casting on then again afterward and it seems to be fine. Hope I did that right.

Thank you!

That’s it exactly. You’re basically continuing on in the same direction rather than kniting back over any stitches.