Top-down NON raglan sweater?

I originally asked this on the Pattern Central thread but realized that I don’t need a pattern, I just need to know how to start a sweater that’s from the top down but not a raglan. Any ideas - would rather not have to purchase a book or pattern.

Since the sweater has to increase in size from the top down, I’m not sure how you would do it except for a saddle shoulder. You’d knit the neck and add the shoulder stitches out each side then knit down.

You can do a bottom-up knit in one piece sweater, but I’m not sure how you’d increase for the shoulders in a top down sweater.:think:

If you don’t want to buy a book, maybe you can borrow “Knitting From the Top” by Barbara Walker from the library. It’s a classic.

It has basic designs for a seamless set-in sleeve sweater plus peasant sleeve, kimono and drop shoulder sweaters, all knit from the top. Plus pants, skirts, vests and hats. And raglans, of course.

Nothing pretty-pretty here; just ingenious techniques for doing pretty much anything from the top down, and often without seams.

You could do a yoke type top as well, but I’m not experienced enough to help you out.

The only ones I know of are saddle-shoulder, but I can help you convert a bottom-up seamless yoke sweater to be knit from the top down:

Since a seamless yoke sweater normally has 3 decrease rounds, a seamless yoke sweater would have 3 [I]increase[/I] rounds. You would cast on for your neckband, knit that, then knit a few rounds, then begin knitting the front back and forth for the desired sleeve depth, the back for the desired sleeve depth, and then you cast on your sleeve stitches to match the top number, join in the round, and then you work the increase rounds evenly spaced, working K1, K2tog all the way around. Then, you knit the body down to the desired length, and then pick up and knit the sleeves, working decrease rounds at the same rate as the yoke until you have 33% of the total body stitches, and then you’re done.

For a gansey sweater, what you would do is cast on for the neck, increase for the shoulders, then knit the front back and forth, and then the back, just like the other, but in this one there are no increase rounds. Afterwards, you would then cast on the same number of sleeve stitches for the top, and then join your work in the round, and knit the body down to the sleeve ribbing, and then pick up the sleeve stitches, and knit those, working decrease rounds of 2 stitches every 5th round until you have 33% of the number of your body stitches.

Those are kind of “quick and dirty” directions based on about a half hour of browsing top down raglans, and then EZ’s bottom up seamless yoke and converting then. They may not be meticulous in detail, but that’s just the general idea. I had absolutely [I]no [/I]luck finding a pattern, but…