Top down knitting, how to convert from traditional pattern


This is my first post, I hope I’ve put this in the correct place. If you have any suggestions for improving my future posts, please tell me. I’ve just discovered this forum, and I’m impressed!

I love to knit sweaters in the round, from the top down. I also like to do cables, and other pattern stitches.

I recently came across a gorgeous cabled sweater pattern that I’d like to make. The cables reach from the shoulder seams to the bottom of the sweater.

Do you have any suggestions for:

  1. converting a standard sweater pattern into a top down, in the round pattern

  2. starting the patterns (ie cables) in the yoke (when you’re still increasing every other round)

I appreciate the assistance


The book Knitting from the Top, by Barbara Walker explains how to construct top down garments, including set in sleeves, not just raglans or yokes. It’s not a pattern book, but you can learn a lot from it. Most libraries should be able to find a copy for you.

If you do make a yoke top, and the cables aren’t too close together, you can start with just a st or two between them at the top and do the increases in between.