Top-down cardigan help

I need help with Jen Hagen top down cardigan F14 pattern. Stuck at v-neck shaping.

I can’t find the pattern can you give us more info. If you have a link and the name of the pattern please post it.

If not then post a few of the lines you’re having trouble with. (Don’t post the whole pattern)

Figheadh fundamentals top-down men’s cardigan #F14. How many stitches do I need after the 33 times of sequence one?

I have 264 stitches and have 27 more rows to go to 465. Must be reading something wrong.

Having trouble understanding v-neck shaping directions.

Fundamental Top-Down Men’s Cardigan
If this is your pattern we can’t look at it since it’s paid. You can post a few rows of the pattern without it being a copyright issue. A copy/paste if possible is best to assure accuracy.