Top Down book?

Does anyone have a favorite book for top-down sweater patterns?

(I swear that if you add all the ideas that run through my head to all the things already on my to do list, I will be knitting long after Ive bought the yarn… :oops: I mean FARM!)

I don’t know of a book bc I’ve not yet begun the ‘sweater journey’ but a friend of mine that is a real ‘knitter’s knitter’ gave me this link. And my ‘Knitting Yoda’ that is going to tutor me with knitting sweaters suggested The Sweater Workshop for what I wanted which was knitting sweaters in the round…thought I might throw that one in :wink: , By the time that you can do the ‘sampler’ that is in the book you are supposed to be able to have learned every technique for knitting sweaters in the round…I hope to begin sometime after the 1st of the year after my ‘Sock Sabbatical’…needless to say my ‘sweater journey’ is a while off :wink:
I’m BACK!!!..I found another site with top down sweaters, it’s not a book, but does offer patterns for sale…here ya go, ma’am :wink:

Im sorry that you were having a sleepless night, Becca :wink: but, THANK YOU!!

Barbara Walker (of the knitting treasuries) wrote a great top-down knitting book. I’ve gotten it out of the library, and I bet it can be purchased through Knit Picks. I bought a couple of the Treasuries there. The cover shows a model wearing an unfinished sweater with the knitting needles still attached at the waist, if I recall correctly.

I have that book. I haven’t made anything out of it yet, though. I’ll take another look at it when I get home and re-fresh my memory.

Yes, it’s called Knitting From the Top by Barbara Walker. It sells at Knit Picks for $18.00.

You are so sweet, KK :smiley: !!
Oh…I must get that book, too! Thanks you guys!


KK I swear the first thing I thought of when I read the thread title was a book full o’ boobs.

sorry. I’m batty today. 2006 budget spreadsheets and conf calls make for a very screwed up Jodi.

and sorry, I can’t help you w/ your request. some time in early 2006 I hope to try to learn as I go along and knit myself some sort of sweater/cardi/hoodie something.

:roflhard: I think you are just used to me talking about BOOBS, Jod!!

I did see the B. Walker book on KP, I just wish I could page through it a bit more…

But, since I got PAID for my GRRRRR! scarf today, I went to the LYS and bought a couple of “Knitting Pure and Simple” patterns…the roll-neck and V-neck patterns. :thumbsup: Ill start there…after Christmas. And after my Estonian Garden & Cozy wraps are done. And after I finish Howie’s sweater. :rollseyes:

I plan on doing sweaters after the 1st of the year (after the long awaited Sock Sabbatical, tho), too! I have ‘the Sweater Workshop’ and I want to get this other one…I’m going to check it out on overstock, too!!