Tootin' My Own Horn

Okay, I just had to do a little happy dance and a little tootin’ of my own horn. (Yes, I’m gonna brag and promote myself - so I purposely put this in the OT thread. -Just thought I’d warn ya before you keep reading. :lol: )

I’ve got a lot going lately! :woot: I’ve been lucky enough to start reviewing books for Potter Craft/Random House and Interweave Press on my blog, KnitPurlGurl!

The LIVE radio show and also podcast I created and co-host, Fiber’Tudes is starting to finally take off and it’s a featured show on Blog Talk Radio!

My webshow, Stitch & Dish, is starting to book some great interviews each week. And I’ve started a Knitting Basics Series which is starting to take off. My viewers can participate live via chatroom or on webcam and it’s a great teaching tool! Plus we have oodles of fun.

I just launched my Etsy Shop, KPG Yarns & Sundries! I only have 1 item listed :aww: - but hopefully will have some more hand dyed yarns, hand crafted buttons, lotions, and soaps in there really soon.

I’ve launched some fan pages on Facebook for my webshow, radio show, and Etsy shop and am working on fan pages for my blogs.

My Mommy Blog, Mommas’Tudes is starting to take off and I’m doing more and more product reviews & giveaways for some great companies. Right now I’m giving away a WAT-AAH Back to School Pack. I will be giving away a Soda Stream (Do it yourself soda maker) in the very near future.

Okay - done with all of the bragging… :roll: 'Hope I didn’t bore you too much. My family and friends aren’t knitters or bloggers and so they wouldn’t be excited for me. Thought I’d share it with the knitting community.

Carry on… :flirt:

Good land, girl, with all those accomplishments you OUGHT to be celebrating! Here…
:cheering: :hug: :thumbsup: :muah: :heart: !

[COLOR=“Purple”][FONT=“Comic Sans MS”][SIZE=“6”]WOWZIE![/SIZE][/FONT][/COLOR]:passedout:

Wow, that’s awesome!! :thumbsup:

No, not bored at all. I’m happy you let me know. I look forward to checking out your accomplishments. :happydance:

You’re very impressive! :cool:

:yay: :yay:

Awesome, way to go! :cheering:

Sweet! :cheering:

Good going!! :cheering: :cheering: Let me tell you, I have a friend who is now editor in chief of the L.A. Times Blog because of his tenacity with his own blog and because he had the good sense to market his blog and himself. You go right on a head and toot your own horn. You never know where it might bring you :wink:

That is an amazing amount of stuff, congratulations!

:yay: WTG and congrats!! You sure have ALOT going on!!!

Toot away girl!! You’ve earned it. I only have one question…when do you sleep? :woohoo: :woohoo:

I always love to hear such great news! :heart: You are a very accomplished young woman, in more ways than one!

Thanks for sharing a little bit of your life with us! We are graced by your presence here! :grphug: Really!

Wow that’s great. It sure sounds like your talent and perserverance is paying off well for you.

I love it that you are doing so well. Great to hear the success stories! :muah:

I just love this community - you are all so supportive and patient with me (for braggin’)! :slight_smile: