Just thought about this last night as I was going to sleep, If you’ve tried it what was the outcome? Am I completely crazy?

No, but when I was a kid I tried with pencils and yarn.

People have knit with piano wire as needles…

Blindness? J/K :lol: I love knitted miniatures, but boy I don’t think I have the patients or the eyesight!

omg, the baby booties on that bug knits website are adorable!!! but no way am i trying to knit anything that small!


There was this one knitters brooch, and the instructions said that it was knitted on very small needles but could be done on toothpicks, and i thought, “What the hey, lets do this!”

But i used regular sportweight, so it was a bit tricky. The tooth picks snag on the yarn a few times, but it wasnt do bad.

I didn’t want to used sewing thread because i thought it would dig in to my fingers after a while. I do think embroidery thread would work though. :smiley:

Heres the pattern. This isnt the pattern i used, but its very very similar.

yes I tried and made a bear using a fine yarn and wooden toothpicks problem was they kept on breaking as I knit but I finished the bear and it was so tiny and sweet.denise :slight_smile:

thats a really cute idea… I might have to give that a try sometime… :thumbsup:

I’ve knit with toothpicks and two strands of DMC cotton embroidery floss. Why? Because I’m a sicko.

I can also knit with bamboo skewers and fine crochet cotton, but only for short bursts because my eyes start to cross, and then my gauge tanks.

I haven’t knit with toothpicks or thread/floss but I did work on a minature Jayne hat (someone else’s example) and not wanting to buy more needles (size 0 or 2) I decided to visit my local hardware store… (are you giggling? You’re allowed to but I KNOW I’m not the only craft-freak who would go hardware hunting… :eyebrow: ) This is what I found:[ul][li] 14 gauge wire (steel, copper & electrical) is equal to size 2 needles, copper seems most malleable and you can get this from your hardware store for approx $0.20/ft., cut with wire cutters into 4 pieces[*] 16 gauge wire (steel, copper, electrical) is equal to size zero needles
[/li][li] bamboo cooking skewers are equal to size 2, you can cut and sand those down[/ul]and round toothpicks are about size 2.5
maybe someone would find that useful…

I think I saw a news clip on TV a few years ago about a woman who was making very small sweaters with sewing thread. It was supposed to be an art exhibit or something. And I think she was knitting them with something like toothpicks. I wish I could remember. What I do remember is that she used thread to knit and it gave her a huge range of colors to work with. I am going to search for it, mainly because it is going to bug me, but I’ll let you know if I find a link to it.

Ok, so I can’t figure out if it is the lady, or not. I thought the woman was English. I also found a website for a woman in England:

Check it out. It is some crazy stuff. Those needles are so tiny.