Toooo Cute Felted Tote!

:waving: everybody!!
KnitPicks has this new Farmer’s Market Tote that is a MUST HAVE :thumbsup: !!!
It’s very, very cute and a free download! Gotta have it :wink:
This fringed purse is just too cute, also :smiley:

That tote really is cute, Rebecca. I’m not sure I’d make it stripey like that, but I love the pattern itself & can think of a pretty fair isle pattern that might look good on it. oes anyone know if the WOTA colors Mulled Wine and Hollyberry would look good together in real life?

I really like that fringed bag. What fun for a night out. HMMM…If I didn’t have so much on my list already.

Vick…my list is VERY long and gets longer each day…lol!!
I’m not sure about those colors in ‘real life’ kimmie…u can now order a color card for WOTA…of which I am going to do bc I use it all of the time…then you can tell for sure. With my experience, my colors have always been pretty much exactly as they are in the catalog with each & every ball of yarn that I’ve ordered.

That is cute Rebecca…I think I may even have those WOTA colors on hand. I have been saving them to make a spring bag (I was going to design it) but this one might fit the bill instead.

kimmie, YES, they look great in real life!!! That’s what I’m doing for my mom’s clogs… or mine.,… or SOMEONE’S (i have a list! somewhere).

I was just saying to KK on the phone that I really like the blue bonnet by itself, but I DON"T like it with anything else… she’s using it with grass, though, which must look allright.

I used blue bonnet with cherry blossom for my booga bag…turned out okay, I thought

Thanks Hilde!! I’m so glad to know that those colors work together.

Rebecca - I LOVE that booga bag! The colors look cute together. It looks taller than the one I made, or something is different. Cute flower too - I like it a bunch.
:slight_smile: kimmie

why…thank you, thank you very much :wink:

Your bag is adorable. That flower is great, I need to make some of those flowers myself, too cute.

:blush: thanks again :wink: