Too soft for a Russian join?

I goofed on the front band of the evil demon sweater I am [I]thisclose [/I]to finishing. I cut the yarn when I shouldn’t have and would like to try the Russian join to reattatch it for finishing the hood. I am [B]not[/B] frogging, the front band is already stitched on and I would have to reattatch the yarn anyway. The yarn is Berrocco comfort - which I am loving, it’s really soft and knits up so nice - but I’m wondering if the yarn is too soft to join that way. Does it matter?

I don’t think that will be a problem, maybe if it were really loosely spun, but I recommend that you do Russian joins on a couple of other pieces of wool for practice, than you will know what it is supposed to look and feel like as well as getting practice.

Thanks. I tried a few last night. They were a little lumpy but I think I got the hang of the technique. It’s pretty cool, no more knots!