Too much to do, too much of everything

I’m so busy with projects and life and stuff that I got my Knitpicks order today and I cannot remember which pattern I bought the yarn for. :??

I’m going on a yarn diet! :shock:

:rofling: :rofling: I sometimes find yarn in the mailbox that I forgot I ordered. :oops:

hehee Ingrid!

WHOO HOO :cheering:
I remembered!

I’ll be making THIS for my best friend using THIS in Sangria

phewww I’m not so nutty as I thought!

Cozy! I made one over the summer and gave it to my dd for Christmas. It knit up faster than I thought it would. :thumbsup:

I realized I had a problem when I found myself trying to come up with a good story for the DH BEFORE I even ordered the yarn! I think they call that “premeditated”. :slight_smile:

LOL… I got my KnitPicks order last week (or was it the week before?) and had the same kind of moment, I was like,
“ahh, WOTA… must be for clogs…
oh s***, who am I making these for…?
… oh yeah, Auntie and Uncle…”

now with kitty pi in the works as soon as I quit fighting with my DPNs, another chevron scarf on the needles, the aforementioned clogs, a friend’s baby due in April, my Auntie requesting clogs for my cousin, and Stitches West coming up, I better actually try to make and stick to a schedule, AND NO MORE YARN PURCHASES for a bit. like, 'til Stitches, which is a month from now. oh yeah wait I gotta buy the yarn for my cousin’s clogs.



MUAHAHAHAHA :roflhard: :roflhard: :roflhard: :roflhard: :roflhard:

That is the bottom line on all my yarn purchases. :wink:

Oh I love Cozy! It’s been on my list for quite some time. Make sure to post picks when you’re done and let me know how you like the Andean Silk for it. I was looking for a nice substitute for the Mandalay.

Today after I forgot to get Ben water for the 3rd time he said “Mom, your brain must be malfunctioning.” Gee, thanks honey. :rollseyes:

Nice - love cozy! :heart:

Everytime I get yarn, mom asks, ‘What’s this for?’ This from the woman who buys fabric with no-specific-purpose-in-mind. I usually make something up, but she has a good memory. “I thought you were making blahdiblah with it.” sigh

When I first started I bought alot of single skeins - thinking Oh I can make a scarf out of this for so and so! How many scarves, realistically, does one really want to do!!! And then when scarf time comes, that yarn is not at all what we want!

I have a bunch of WOTA I got for felted clogs - #2 son’s colors didnt turn out as expected, so now need to order some more (and this time let him pick LOL). I also have some cascade in super brights I ordered (Hot pink, bright yellow, lime green), I have no idea where I was going with that. I am thinking a big market bag tote for my mom, as I am not sure I have enough for felted clogs (two skeins of each color).

I figure alot of it is mix and match feltable and will find a home someday. If not, I can always spread the love with it!

I’ve lost/misplaced a pattern sheet I ordered from Knitpicks so ended up reordering a $1.99 pattern and spending $45.00 today. BTW, have you noticed that free shipping is on a $40 order now??