Too many stitches, not enough needle!

I just started to knit a blanket and it has a cast on of 187 stitches. I currently have 150 stitches on my needle (a size 8) and there is absolutely no more room on my needle. The stitches that are already on are packed close together and are pretty tight. If there is any one who knows something I can do to fix this problem it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

I would HIGHLY recommend using a circular needle!!! A long cord connects the 2 needles and it holds a lot more stitches. You will have to start over but you will be able to fit all your stitches on!!


Thank you so much knitcindy! I will try that!:thumbsup:

You don’t necessarily have to start over. Just carefully slide the stitches from your right needle to the circular, use the circular to knit the ones left on the left needle, and go on from there just as if you were using two regular needles.